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Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty (the actual dirt in your carpet!)

Miracles can happen – the best way to describe what you will get from a professional carpet cleaner is to show you with pictures, below is a typical Stardust before and after. What you can’t see is the carpet owner’s gigantic smile due to the result! That’s the joy of the work we do.



The Stardust Carpet Cleaning Method

We use the hot water extraction process to put the life back into your carpets. The results are brilliant as you have seen above, more photos can be seen here.

We Powrflite-Carpet-Cleaning-Machine-in-Bicesterstart with an inspection to assess the overall condition of your carpet, its construction, fibre type and whether the dyes could run, whilst also looking for any areas that may need ‘spot cleaning’. Then we’ll do a pre-vacuum, followed by a spot clean of any areas found to need special treatment. This is followed by a pre-spray, then we brush out any loose dirt before we bring out the big guns – our hot water extraction equipment (see picture below). Finally, a rake over to bring up the pile and give it that newly-laid look.

The hot water extract process ensures no sticky residues or chemical odours are left behind, just fresh-smelling, beautifully clean and hygienic carpets! It’s the cleaning method recommended by most leading carpet manufacturers.

All you need now is a price – click below to see a selection of guide prices, and then give us a call to book your clean…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I move my furniture before you come or will you do it while you are cleaning?
If it’s small and you can easily move it, please do (items such as chairs, lamp tables, etc). However, if you are disabled, frail, or unwell, we will do everything.

How long before my carpets will be bone dry?
Your carpets won’t be left ‘wet’ because our equipment is highly efficient, but it will take between two and three hours for the small amount of residual moisture to completely evaporate. If the weather is good and you are at home, leave a few windows ajar. We also advise wearing indoor slippers or stocking feet during the drying process…

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